Test Development Service


Testrong focuses on providing professional IC test development services. Guided by the values of Capability, Integrity, and Responsibility, our purpose is to help our customers implement the best solutions to achieve the best results

● Our project development team has over 25 years of combined development experience, on both Chip Test (CP) and Final Test (FT)

● We develop different kinds of tests such as RF, high speed Serdes, mixed signal, analog, digital, and more

● We develop programs based on many ATE platforms such as 93K (Advantest), J750/Ultraflex (Teradyne), AMB7600 (Aemulus), Astar/Qstar (Sandtek), D10/Diamondx (Cohu), 3360P/3380P (Chroma), V50 (YTEC), etc.

Standard Development Process

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Test Types

● Cover many kinds of SOC devices, such as pure digital, mixed-signal, high speed digital, RF, etc.

● Supply the most optimized solution for different customer needs

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ATE Platforms


▲ Testrong Developed ATE Product

Develop programs depending on different ATE platforms from low-end (V50, Chroma, etc.) to high-end (93K, J750/Uflex, etc.) testers. Provide solutions for special cases upon customer request (BOST and/or add-on external instruments)

● Supply the most suitable ATE solution through the evaluation of the project case

● Help customers save costs by choosing different tester platforms

▲ Mainstream Testers

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