With outstanding ability, integrity and sense of responsibility, Shanghai Testrong Technologies Co., Ltd. focuses on professional IC testing service outsourcing.Our goal is to provide customers with the best test solution.

The test development department has over 20 years of experience in wafer level and final level testing, and can provide test solutions based on different types of chips: pure digital circuits, analog circuits, digital-analog hybrid circuits, high-speed serdes, rf..., can provide test solutions based on different test platforms: such as V93K(edwan test), J750/Ultraflex (terida), Astar/Qstar(shengdak), D10/Diamondx (Xcerra), 3360P/3380P (Chroma), V50 (jiuyuan electronics) and so on...

PCB department provides all kinds of PCB, semiconductor industry is mainly used in integrated circuit testing finished products testing machine loading plate (the Load Board), Probe plate (the Probe card), aging Board (Burn - in Board), etc., with an average of more than 10 years of experience in design and engineering, such as loading plate test machines, Probe card, digital signal, analog and mixed signal, radio frequency signals, more than 10 GBPS of high-speed signal, in a multilayer, many site, blind hole buried, micro BGA, such as the long term,We have rich experience in impedance control of single end and differential line, strict manufacturing process and strict electrical inspection procedures explain Testrong's professional, rigorous and reliable business philosophy.


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