Testrong Advantage

With the outstanding capability, strict integrity and sense of responsibility, Shanghai Testrong Technologies Co, Ltd focuses on IC testing engineering, research and development. Our goal is to provide customers with the best test total solution.

The test development department is the first element of the Testrong group and has a depth of over combined 100 years of experience in wafer level and final packaged device testing, and can provide test solutions for different types of devices based on their suitable platforms.

The PCB department provides final test load board, wafer prober interface board, probe card and burn-in board for various platforms. Our team members have an average of more than10 years of experience in designing the complex customized boards, for mixed signal, RF and high speed Serdes applications. 

The socket branch at our Suzhou facility designs, manufactures and supplies full line of test socket products to meet customers’ different requirements, from traditional pogo pin, to tension type, to elastomer, coaxial, MEMS and beyond.

Finally, our test equipment product line is at a rapid speed emerging on the market. It combines low cost with high performance, low power and high density, low risk and high return into one sophisticated system, and completes the puzzle of Group’s total solution ambitious for semiconductor testing.

Testrong is the only company in China that can provide our customers with end-to-end ATE solution. This is Testrong Advantage and interprets our professional, rigorous and reliable business philosophy.


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