PCB Department Profile

Support ATE Platform
• Advantest (V93K、T2000)
• Teradyne (J750、Ultra Flex、Iflex、Eagle、Catalyst、Magnum 2 SV)
• Xerra (D10)
• Chroma (3360P、3380D,3380P,3650)
• YTEC (V50)
• SandTek (S100、AdaptStar)

PCB Design Business PCB
• Load Board
• Probe Card
• Burn-in Board
• System Board
• Interface Board
• PCB Repair
• SI/PI Simulation


Product DescriptionProduct ParametersApplication Field

Testrong offer design services to all Semiconductor Load Boards and Probe Cards,We provide PCB business for semiconductor , major products include ATE loadboard for IC FT test, probe card for wafer sort, burn-in board, universal test board.

Our design team having more than 10 years design experience and project management experience on loadboard, probe card etc. such as digital, analog, RF, 16 G bps high speed signal, etc. . And accumulated rich experience on multi-layer board, multi-site, blind and/or beried vias, microBGA, impedance control in line length equal, single end and differential. We offer Designs with high Quality and On-time Delivery to our valuable Customers. Our value-added services have helped clients to achieve quick turnaround time, higher levels of efficiency and cost-effective implementation.

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