Shanghai economy and information system hearten spirit, speed up the layout of integrated circuits and other key areas

Release date:2019-04-22

There are millions of jobs to be done, but development remains the top priority.City leaders have repeatedly pointed out that Shanghai should not only pursue GDP, but also pursue higher quality GDP.At present, Shanghai's industrial economy faces many challenges, great pressure and heavy tasks.As long as we maintain our strategic focus and have the determination to overcome difficulties, we will always find more ways than difficulties.In the first five months of this year, industrial investment in Shanghai has maintained a steady growth, reaching 38.92 billion yuan, up 18.8% year-on-year. The positive trend in the medium and long term remains unchanged. In particular, it has stepped up its layout in key areas such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, bio-medicine, 5G, etc., which is building up energy for Shanghai's economy in the next decade.

Not long ago, Shanghai made another major breakthrough in the research and development of chips in the national science and technology major project of "nuclear advanced base".Shanghai zhaocore has released the first domestic central processing unit (CPU) chip with a main frequency of more than 3.0g Hertz and a 16-nanometer technology."The launch of the chip is a milestone for domestic cpus and lays a very good foundation for China to catch up with the international advanced level."Wei shaojun, chief technical engineer of national "nuclear advanced base" major project and director of microelectronics institute of tsinghua university.

Practice has repeatedly proved that key and core technologies are the core competitiveness, or to buy, or to obtain, must be firmly in their own hands.Economic and information technology work is of vital importance to the national economy and people's livelihood. How to break through the key core technologies, "neck in neck" problem, in the industrial application of practical measures, is the first priority.City by letter Wu Jincheng said, director of the committee, in the field of the hottest 5 g nowadays, we are three carriers began "ShuangQian trillion broadband city" brand, speed up the building of leading domestic area in 5 g network construction demonstration area, innovation, application and industry chain enterprises concentrated area, give full play to the 5 g of high quality and economic development, urban high efficiency operation, citizens can assignments of high quality life.Shanghai will build 30,000 5G base stations and cultivate 100 innovative enterprises in the field of 5G application by 2021, with the industrial scale exceeding 100 billion yuan, according to the just-released guideline on accelerating the construction and application of 5G network in Shanghai.

Whether it is to implement the "four heroes" requirements, improve the economic density, or master the key core technology, to start the "made in Shanghai" brand, ultimately rely on enterprises to complete.This requires government departments to strengthen the sense of active service, consider problems from the perspective of enterprises, and understand the difficulty of enterprises from different perspectives, so as to provide more accurate and effective system supply for market players.And this is also one of the important places of the theme education of the economy and information system.
In the previous large survey, many enterprises put forward the problems of "unable to find", "incomprehensible" and "difficult to operate" policies.The "Shanghai enterprise service cloud" platform under the municipal commission of economy and information technology moved quickly to get through the "last kilometer" of policy services.

For example, a "policy matching" column is set up on the platform to tailor policies for "one-to-one" enterprises.As long as the enterprise input name, registration time, registered capital, investment, research and development, business conditions and other basic information, the system will immediately generate personalized policy matching report within a few seconds.At the same time, it also gathers nearly 500 small and medium-sized enterprises professional service institutions that are settled in the enterprise service cloud platform, providing special lectures, theme BBS, policy training and other activities for enterprises, answering their questions on the spot, helping enterprises to connect policy information and understand the blocking points and difficulties in diagnosis and treatment policies.

At present, "Shanghai enterprise service cloud" has 437,000 registered users, a total of 511 service stores, 6,212 service products, 60,000 completed services, 1,874 enterprise appeals solved, 2468 enterprise policies issued, and a total of 5.945 million visits.The director of Shanghai small and medium enterprises office said, "the goal of enterprise service cloud platform is to achieve full scale, full ownership, full life cycle enterprises have access to complaints, effective policy application, seek professional services, and pave the way for the survival and development of enterprises, so that enterprises in Shanghai feel full."

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