Shanghai zhangjiang integrated circuit sales revenue in the first half of 36.495 billion yuan, accounting for 62% of Shanghai

Release date:2019-04-22

Shanghai's integrated circuit industry earned 58.665 billion yuan in sales in the first half of the year, up 12.9 percent year on year, according to the latest data released by the Shanghai integrated circuit industry association, pudong times reported.

Pudong accounts for 73.4 percent of the total, up 21.5 percent year-on-year.The sales revenue of zhangjiang core area of Shanghai integrated circuit industry totaled 36.495 billion yuan, up 15.6% year-on-year, accounting for 62% in Shanghai and 84.7% in pudong.

The Shanghai integrated circuit industry association also noted that zhang jiang's chip manufacturing and packaging industries declined in 2019.However, the chip design industry and equipment and materials industry grew by 17.5% and 15% respectively.

According to a report released by zhang jiang, as the silicon valley of Shanghai's integrated circuit industry, zhang jiang has the most complete and complete industrial chain layout of China's integrated circuit industry.

In the field of chip design, zhangjiang science city has formed more than 100 leading products.In the field of equipment and materials, zhang jiang has made great breakthroughs in independent innovation, especially the medium and micro plasma etching machine has reached the international leading level.In the field of wafer manufacturing, zhangjiang science city has 19 production lines leading the country, among which smic international and huahong are the first and second chip manufacturers, smic 14nm has entered the trial production stage.

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